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By Dark Prinplup
savior67 wrote:
trung606 wrote:Nice map, you asked the owner if you were able to use the map in your server right?
I wish your server luck!

The mapmaker hasn't logged into the forums the map was posted on for four months. More importantly, I've given Eisenbahn full credit in and out of the game. I subscribe to the policy that if a download link is provided, they are giving permission to use it. I'm curious, did you ask the maker of pixelmon if you could install the mod on your server?

xD Im Sure that everyone who installs the mod doesnt have to ask Mr.M.

Also great job on the server! When i get minecraft again im going to play this server first! Keep up the good Work!
By savior67
Rzxa wrote:I'll try the server when pixelmon update
Using 1.5.2 if anyone is wondering

Alright looking forward to meeting you, we'll be updating within a few hours of the updates launch. You can check our website for updates
By dinosour99
#36846 hey I would like to apply to be a gym leader I would like to be fire,flying,electric,or dragon type I have been a gym leader on tons of servers and it was a great moment of fighting people it was awesome so I would like to be another one and I would like to be the best on this one I have had a lot of experience with Pokémon and I would like to show the world the passion I have for Pokémon.