By savior67
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Vers: Currently Running Pixelmon 3.0.1

Fire Red runs on a professionally hosted linux server 24/7 with DDOS protection 64gb RAM.
Often you find yourself having to break a block two or three times on other servers before it actually disappears, this isn't the case on Fire Red.
You really won't find a server with less lag, we have a steady 19-20 TPS even with 100+ players on
We provide a high quality gaming experience and focus on maximizing entertainment.
Myself and my staff are always looking for feedback and new ideas from our players to help improve our service.
We have many active players and friendly staff members on both the server and website.
All trainers are welcome to create a team and apply for any open gym positions!
There are currently 3 regions each with 8 gyms and the elite IV+champion to challenge.
There is always something to keep you busy, whether its tracking down that elusive rayquaza, or preparing to earn your next gym badge.
What are you waiting for? Come check us out we are only a copy-paste away!
You can also find more information including server status at our website!

New to pixelmon?
You can find installation instructions and everything you'll need to join at

Moderator and elite 4 applications can be found on our website

Here's a few screenshots to get you interested!

IP :

By Sonofleo
#34656 I will apply for Gym leader please.
Experience: I have been gym leader for a lot of times.
Why do you want to be a leader? Cause i love Pokemon and i would always help out people.
Type: Water :3 Of course
By Summer0628
#34828 I'm the head of gym applicants and right now we don't have a website posted for the applications. But if you want to apply for any gym position just get in contact with me and ill let you know the level caps and such for the desired gym. I may set the water gym cap at 40 so you need to get your 3 pokemon team together to show me so that I can set that all up.
By savior67
trung606 wrote:Nice map, you asked the owner if you were able to use the map in your server right?
I wish your server luck!

The mapmaker hasn't logged into the forums the map was posted on for four months. More importantly, I've given Eisenbahn full credit in and out of the game. I subscribe to the policy that if a download link is provided, they are giving permission to use it. I'm curious, did you ask the maker of pixelmon if you could install the mod on your server?