By ezioA
#41740 AnD, i've got my new account
my new name is "ezioAez", can u plz transfer all my stuffs?
and i want my "team Rocket grunt" tag back, plz :)

(i think simply changing the "" -> "" in "pokemon" folder
and "ezioA.dat" -> "ezioAez.dat" in "players" folder can do it, right?)

By JJBB3124567
#41903 Username: JJBB3124567
Pixelmon: like fire or water, kinda in between....
Why you should let me in one of them: I am really good leader, and i also feel like "stealing" pixelmon, so if there's a Team Rocket, can i be the leader???????? but why I'm leaving this is so i could be a better Pixelmon Trainer.
By ezioA
AnDwHaT5 wrote:ezioAez your files should be available.

thanks, AnD!!
but there are 2 more things not back yet....
1st, my stuffs in the bankers are ALL GONE!! All my precious stuffs are there.
and 2nd.... my "team Rocket Grunt" tag is gone..
can i get them back?
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By AnDwHaT5
#42474 Sure thing that I think will be easy! I will do it when I get home today.
By Alpa123456
AnDwHaT5 wrote:Het, alpa! Haven't seen you in a while. This is what i can do. Leader spots are full but do to in activity i may be kicking 1 or two. If i do i have 2 other applications waiting. But i will do a contest to see who should get what spots when they open.

ok just tell me
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By AnDwHaT5
#43111 alpa please be more active for a leader spot. Also to everyone else pokeloot has been implemented into the server. Here is the forum post. viewtopic.php?f=51&t=2903 Huge thanks to aline for the mod. Its amazing bro.