By Katsuki
#60624 IGN: Katsuki
Preferred type: Dragon, Water, or Steel
About me: I have been playing minecraft since it came out, and have played every pokemon game except for Black and White Version 2. I am a very fair and mature person, who does not grief and I do not use profanity. I am kind to all players and I do not tease people if they lose. I am a good sport and I will not rage quit if I lose. I am also responsible and I make time to help any player that is lost or having problems.
I am also good with computers and can help anyone who is having problems. I have had my own server in the past and have been an admin on another.
Although I have just started playing on the server and I only have a few pokemon, I would love to be a gym leader or a moderator. I have noticed that there is rarely anyone on the server that can give out the starter kit, and I think that it would be a good idea to give more people the ability to do so. If you would like I could also seve as one of those people. Thank you for your time.