By WafflelordJay
#34506 YO! We got some news!
- We will wait until Pixelmon updates to 2.2, which is soon, to add Poke Loot!
- Once the new update is released we will look into various mods to enhance your experience
- Player Market Center is now on top of my list of things to do
- Stuff!

Just have to say I'm excited!
By WafflelordJay
#44959 Ello people! As the first post says, we are looking for staff. And so everybody know this is a survival server. The shiny policy has ended, but has been replaced with a first evolution pokemon of your choice. No legends as per usual on that! Also spread the word of the server too! We need more active players to keep it alive! Also we are going to be setting up donations soon! This means you too can help us keep it alive! Donations will come with special ranks and various thing based on the amounted donated :D