By ZeroHiyuu
#38694 Pfft what do you mean if I asked someone to build it?

That map in the first picture is mine, You can even see the coffee that was made for me (inside joke). ... d-ssohpkc/

That is the original map maker ^
The map in the first picture is similar to it but altered completely and is 100% mine.
By ShinyGardevoir
#38701 Hmmm it seems that we have a copy cat here... really dude why are you trying to do this. This is such an obvious copy of the map. Also if you say it is not a copy then why is zero's coffee in the first picture also there are builds that we the admins have made on the server that can prove it is ours. Oh and we have little admin easter eggs that we have hidden for fun, but only we can get to them/know where they are so those will also prove that you stole this map.