By hipi1313
#31158 can i be the rock and fighting i love pokemon and thats all i realy care about maturity 70 poke iq 34578976546786567876789876578 and no i did not spam the number keys
By Sehj
#33093 IGN: Sehj
Age: 15
I would like to apply for Psychic Gym roll, Psychic is my favorite Pokemon type, and I think I will be suitable for the Gym leader roll for it. I have owned 4 servers in the past, and have experience with Plugins and commands. I am also a nice all round person and help where needed. I am a very dedicated player. - Skype - Sehj007
By sl4sh3r950
#34424 IGN: sl4sh3r950
Age: 15
I would to apply for the position of the Ghost/Poison elite 4 member. This would be great as I would have a strong but varied team. Unsure whether you have sorted out what pokemon the gym leader and elite 4 members use, but here's some suggestions for the role I am applying for: Gengar, Muk and Nidoking (last two relying on the update).
I would qualify as I will never decline a challenge, I would be dedicated to the server and (depending on whether you are from USA or not) I am from the UK which means I can be on for those who play on the server at different times, making so there is almost always an elite 4 member online.
By BBot4Life
#34471 And yet again people of younger age get turned down because they are not as mature. Seriously who thinks that is true.
By aGraypanda
#34476 IGN:aGraypanda
I would like to be a Builder/Gym Leader
Gym?:Physic Type GymLeader (I Think Physic Type Are Very Intresting and Fun)
I Know Lots(and Lots) about Pokemon and Pixelmon. I Love Being a Gym Leader.I Can Build my Own Gym to.]
Ps,I am a Pretty good builder and a admin on 2 servers a elite 4 on 1 server and a mod on 1 (i am a Builder on 1 server but it got shut down :P used 2 be builder on Pelagius's Server).I am a Very Fun Player to,and i like Fun Shizam
By tbrower
#35438 Ok as an Admin for this Server I would like to let you all know we are working very hard to get this server up and running!
Everyone applying for gymleader/builder or whatever please post an email, or Skype name. Some way for you to be contacted. For you younger players who want to be gym leaders and builders, don't give up but it will be difficult. I am currently working on an Enjin page and I will post that here soon. If you post some contact information (preferably something quick like Skype or kik but email works too) I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.

Look forward to this server because It is turning out amazing!
By Lafiel
#35489 Hello, I would like to be the poison gym leader and be a builder.

However if I am accepted as the poison gym leader, I would very much like to build my own gym at lest.
Since I believe each gym leader should build their own gym. (also the elite4, poi/ghost position would be nice to)

I am a very good poi/dark/phy/ghost pokemon trainer:)

Also I've got plenty of exp with building, and being a gym leader. Also been Admins, but not out for that much work right now.

I can be on at lest 5hrs a day right now...

Also I am 22 years old...

Lastly my email is [email protected]

P.s. sorry my English is not the best....