By Ethanthephantom
#30632 Hey everyone! I just bought a server and I am looking for people who want to be involved in the building and functioning of the server. I have a few admins already but if you want to apply for an admin, moderator, gym leader, builder, tester... any of that stuff just go ahead and let me know what you want to do, why you qualify, how old you are, why you wanna do it... etc all that good stuff. So yeah I'd like to start building soon and would love to find some likeminded and dedicated people to help me startup the server. Thanks guys and if I like you and want to let you into the server then I'll pm you the ip. If not sorry, but it should go public in a week or two!
Just an update:
I have found several gym leaders and will show which ones are still available

-rock: open
-water: taken
-electric: Taken
-grass: open
-psychic: open
-poison: open
-fire: taken
-ground: open

ice: open
rock and fighting:open
ghost and poison: open
dragon: taken

champion: taken

By markellj
#30636 hey bro im 16
IGN colonel__poptart
I am a avid builder i could help with that
I also hosted my own server at once so i would like to help admin
But also The fire or dragon gym leader
i know it seems like a lot but i am very reliable and on my job
By 1Charak2
#30675 IGN 1Charak2
Im a good builder as well (gotta build it all ;) )
i would like to be the Electric type gym leader or the rock/ground gym leader
By tbrower
#30733 IGN: ElricBrotherTMB
I am 19
I would like to be a Builder/Gym Leader
I want to be the Dragon Gym Leader or Elite Four
I believe I am qualified because this is not my first time doing either, I have been a Fire gym leader and also a builder on several servers.
I love building, and I love pokemon (played every game)
I want to do it because pixelmon servers are fun to be apart of.
When I dedicate to a server I do dedicate to it. I usually donate to the servers I remain apart of
e-mail me at [email protected]
By ponester
#30759 Hey :D
I would like to ask, what version is this now on?
ING: ponester
I'm 12,
I would like to help in building thing, also be a Water type elite four.
I do love pokemon, and would love to help you in making an epic server for it, if you would like to inform me about anything, here's my email:
[email protected]
Here's also my skype name: ponester1
By Ethanthephantom
#30852 to all younger applicants: sorry but I prefer to have my admin/moderators be atleast 16. You can still apply for gym leader positions and builder positions but you'll have some convincing to do. The older the better.
By DarkNintendoGuy
#30972 IGN: DarkNintendoGuy
I am 13
I would like to be a Builder/Gym Leader
I want to be the Physic Type GymLeader
I believe I am qualified because I have had experience being admin on other servers and jrmod and know pretty much everything about pixelmon.
I want to do it because i love being able to raised train and caught pokemon and battle them with others.
P.S. Even if im 13 im still really mature, grown up and responsible
By guyrif5656
#30977 IGN:guyrif5656
i would like to be an admin or a gym leader
i want to be the psychic type gym leader
i played pixelmon in about 3-4 mounths
i played minecraft 2-3 years
i really like psychic pokemons and people i am very nice and responsible and i came from Australia so not alot admins are online and i stay to play in night too
tnx for your time