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By Css1234567890123
#40368 What happened to the server? I was lagging really bad and I logged out, now I can't log back in.
Maybe it crashed, but still I would like it back up :p

By JennyShine
#40375 Yes I'm sorry, it does appear the server crashed again. There are still chunks that need to be loaded, so I think people have been going around wondering, loading those chunks, which makes it lag and eventually crash. I'm very sorry ^_^
By LittleNerdyOTAKU
#40621 Hey ya'll I'm really new here, and haven't even logged onto the server yet because I'm having a bit of a problem.. xD I've narrowed it down to the problem being Poke Loot, but seeing as I see a flux between 20-40 people on, I'll assume it's fixable or on my end..

It says I need version 1.4.3, but whenever I try to install Poke Loot it crashes, but the error report is basically saying 'no you're installing this wrong.' (even though I'm putting the zip into my mods folder) because I get as far as the MOJANG screen and then nothing. I was going to post this on the Poke Loot forum part but I thought I'd try here real quickly first? :/

Thankies ya'll <3

EDIT: Okay this all being said I realized 'wait no, my problem is I'm silly and stupid and can't figure out how to install my bukkit mods correctly' so I'll need to go off looking for how to do that, sorry for bothering ya'll xD