By Yokon
#30249 Yokon's Pixelmon Server NEW SERVER HOST

Yokon's Pixelmon Server is a Pixelmon server like no other. I've figured out a way to include Bukkit Plugins with Pixelmon. We have iConomy, ChestShop, Lockette, Worldguard, and WorldEdit and we will possibly have more in the future. Our new players will join, and over a short amount of time they'll be able to join a city or make their own home in the wilderness, perhaps their own store or even a player city. Yokon's Pixelmon Server is truly the place to be for the following reasons:

-You can be part of player made quests, and missions testing your personal as well as Pixelmon skills!
-Be rewarded daily for logging in with 15 Pokedollars!
-Many Gyms are in progress!
-10,000 block radius from the center of spawn! Build and capture Pixelmon!
-Trade and battle with your friends, become the true Pixelmon Master!

Minecraft version = 1.5.2
Pixelmon version = 2.2.1
Poke'Loot Version= Use link below ...

Players will only need to install Pixelmon, and Poke'Loot mods to join the server. However, it is recommended to install Rei's Minimap Mod to set waypoints and navigate around the vast world we have for you to explore!

Yokon's Pixelmon Server
Gotta Catch um' All!

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No password required!

Gym Levels!

Gym 1 Rock,Axew924 - 20-23
Gym 2 Water,Pokedit - 27-30
Gym 3 Eletric,xXPebxx - 35-38
Gym 4 Grass,Caedem - 42-45
Gym 5 Poison,ChaoicIntake - 50-53
Gym 6 Psychic,SalattuSika - 58-61
Gym 7 Fire,Navin1401 - 64-67
Gym 8 Ground,Zaorex - 70-73

Players cannot be more than 5 levels higher then the gym they are fighting!