By Firespar
#28279 Hey, I'll apply for moderator or builder, you can put me wherever you need me if you accept me. ^.^

My IGN is LimitsofLife, I'm 17, and I have experience moderating over a dozen other servers. Some I quit, some went down, etc. etc. Unfortunately I don't have a mic, so I can't give you a skype or TS3 or anything. I've got some screenshots lying around somewhere of things I've built, but ImageShack is being a jerk so I can't get them right now.

That's it, I guess. CheerS!

By darkster9757
floop2011 wrote:I would Like to Be the water type gym leader with a team of level 50's
I plan on using

We'll set something ;D

Also just so everyone knows we're now testing a restart API so that the server stops crashing!
Happy playing!
By Firespar
#28922 Actually, changed my mind, applying for Electric gym instead if you still have a spot open. Any order or level is fine by me, but I'd prefer to build my own town.
By PixelNerd2002
By darkster9757
#29973 Sorry for the recent problems, we've been experiencing issues with accidental crashes each morning when I'm not on...

To make it up we'll give away more free masterballs <3
By darkster9757
PixelNerd2002 wrote:NOONE ONLINE!

Sorry for that, we've been experiencing issues with restarts that are sort of making people come off for a bit. We're trying hard to fix it!