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EmperorEhryn wrote:Lookin for a pretty active Survival server that's well modded and have strict rule enforcement. Factions, jobs, w/e.

I think you might like our server.. You can check out everything we have to offer on our website:

If you like what you see there.. Go ahead and download the mod pack and come join us!

By Dwindlin
#96287 I was going to reply to a number of these posts individually, as I feel the server I play on fits many of the requests here, but I think I'll just post the general information.

The server is a recreation of the Pokemon Nation map, currently there is the Kanto region, with Johto opening in the next couple weeks, and Hoenn is being worked on as we speak.

The server only uses the Pixelmon mod, as well as a number of server-side plugins that allow for NPC gym battles, gym puzzles, quests, the Elite 4 and Gary (all NPC battles), allowing for 24/7 gym battles (no need for Gym leaders to be online or anything). We also have pokemon that spawn in the tall grass in proper areas, as they would in Pokemon Fire Red (for the Kanto region).

The server is administered entirely by the owners at the moment, no corrupt Staff. The community is welcoming and friendly, and every item and pokemon is obtainable naturally (some things can also be purchased from the Webshop if desired).

There is an adventure segment (the Kanto map) to familiarize players with the server before allowing them access to the Wild, where they can build and explore (and catch those rare type pokemon, such as legendaries). PVP is disabled, and damage is turned off everywhere except the Nether and End (in case you wish to PVP there or whatever). This ensures no items are lost, and battles are Pokemon vs Pokemon, not player vs player.

Simply put, it's an adventure server start (8 Kanto Gyms, run by server-side NPCs, then the Elite 4), followed by an open world where you can build player run gyms and such. It uses Grief Prevention (golden shovel) protection to claim areas in the Wild. There is also a public mine within Kanto if you wish to craft items earlier, as well as individual claimable homes in Viridian City, to store items while you quest. PM me for more information if you wish.

The server is a family-friendly environment, so no swearing, griefing, scamming, etc. so that may not appeal to everyone here, but for those looking for this type of server, I think it's worth checking out.

The server IP is:
The server website is:
By Losaru
#99765 I've been curious about joining a pixelmon server that involves roleplaying but at the same time doesn't require five billion mods for me to play. XP If there is a server out there like that, please do drop me a line.

Thank you
By Cgags1789
#101455 Ok so not much activity on the server I'm a builder for so again I am looking for a server in need of a build who can be on everyday of the week. That's right everyday so if your and owner or know a server in need of a dedicated builder then please pm me here with the IP adress. Also if it has a white list then my username here is the same as my in game name. I hope to hear from you soon!
By ScythingScyther
#104011 Im looking for a server thats small, like really small, brand new, preferably only a few DAYS old, and has a really nice owner. also preferably survival, but not necesary
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By Ironingot
ScythingScyther wrote:Im looking for a server thats small, like really small, brand new, preferably only a few DAYS old, and has a really nice owner. also preferably survival, but not necesary

HeracrossCraft isn't new, about 3 months old, but still relatively small. It's survival and has many precautions to direct people away from griefing.
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By GrandmasterJMC
#105213 im looking for a server with good mods and survival
preference of mods: buildcraft enchanting plus backpack biblocraft and pokeloot
if any servers have any of these mods plzz let me know
By Unlimited7
#106545 Friend and me searching for a server. Whitelist server. With about 12-20 people, some useful plugins. PM me with your suggestions. :)
By Cgags1789
#107511 Still looking for a server in need of a builder with server building exp. and nothing but time. I can send you links to my builds. I have quit a few. Just pm me asking for links and I will send them. If you like them then send me an IP in the next pm and I will hop on.