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By bhoqure
#129982 idk if this will be answered... I need a server host for my server so that when it crashes it will always be back up. Im running 58 plugins with cauldron, and i have 2 mods pixelmon and custom npcs. Would anyone be willing to give me a good server host that i could possibly use? I am also fine with around 40-50 players max for the players count. But i have been searching and can't find one that i would like.

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By Roark196
#130068 I think after playing on so many Servers, I finally know what type I'd like to see. I'd like a Server with GreifPrevention (That's the best protection Plugin by far). One where Legendaries and Shinies are special, not some Donation gift to be flaunted about. If it has Gym Leaders, I'd like their Pokémon to be raised by them instead of generated with stats and moves. It just feels like Pokémon is losing it's meaning, that they are just purchasable objects. Why spend the time raising them, when you can just purchase one for your advantage? Back on subject, I guess having Custom NPC's is a plus too, and a Pseudo-Survival World.
By Necrophase
#130577 I'm looking to get into a pixelmon server and have some fun. I understand the basics and have been enjoying my single player worlds, but I think its time to jump in the ring with some other people. Hit me up with a pm.
By Catbee
#130736 Looking for a server with the following-

- Small community, but not so small that no one's ever online
- Survival PVE (pokemon battles okay obviously but no other pvp allowed)
- Not very developed, plenty of room to explore and build
- Minimal mods and plugins other than Pixelmon (basically just vanilla MC but with pokemon)
- Mostly 16+ community

Alternately, I would like to find someone who might be interested in opening up this type of server with me :)