By Waterboyr
Caedem wrote:I know I am being very specific, and I doubt i will find a server with everything I want. But here is what i'm hoping to find in a server, and if anyone can tell me a server that is close, I would appreciate it.

Survival/Free roam to build own base
A few towns with poke center / shops / gyms
population of at least 15
No lag
good community

It has a perfect great community. wonderful towns and cities with shops owned by players, houses to buy, good poplation not counting who's on at once, and no lag.
The only thing it doesnt have is Survival/Free roam to build own base. But there are bases made by mods for clans...

By batman8912
#31321 i would like to join a pixelmon server my name on mc is Batman8912 and I was wondering if my friend could join as well his is AS1AN_FART
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By Roark196
#34100 Ok, this time I'm looking for a small developing server. I'd like to build something, but on other servers it keeps getting griefed. It has to be Pixelmon ONLY, mostly 24/7, maybe no whitelist(optional), and ways to keep thieves and griefers from their crime. Does someone have a tutorial to make your own Server? I'm sure there will never be a Server like this , but it's good to try.

( I'm just angry that good servers: Died, Have Block Lag, Griefers, and/or Custom NPC's)
By Lafiel
#35492 Would like a server, where I could be a poi gym leader.
Build my own gym.
The server must still being built so I can help out.

Also they must be using the new block, that will be coming out this next update.
To spawn pokemon.

I mean turn of pokemon spawns,,, then place those blocks in every place. So you can control what pokemon spawns where.

I know thats a lot, but I am looking for a certain thing right now...
By CLA43
#35527 i was looking for a server with lots of towns with gyms and health centers and shops
By trung606
#36434 This post makes me think there should be some kind of "Server Review" thing, like some youtube account where someone reviews a server. The thing is that the server reviewer(s) might be a little biased.
By Jemezy
#40225 Hey.... Uhm so, im searching for a Cracked Pixelmon Server because i've dont got enough money to pay Premium. Ill get Premium at my birthday but now i'm looking for a Cracked server so i can enjoy from de Pixelmon Mod without buying Minecraft.

Do somebody haves a Cracked Pixelmon Server or do somebody knows a Cracked Pixelmon server.
Let me know, my skype is ; jemezy.weert

And the server must be 1.5.2!!!

I will thank you very much to read this topic/reply.
And really thanks if u know a Cracked 1.5.2 Pixelmon Server!