By mastermine9
#25165 hi i am making a pixelmon server and i need some help making it i will have 20 helpers and the first 12 people will be the gym leaders and elite 4 the other 6 will be staff sign up on this and i will whitelist you and you can start working all you need to do is put your minecraft name and your type and i will whitelist you


mods needed: pixelmon don't think you need anything else idk

By 1Charak2
#25449 can i come on and help im a good building Ign is 1Charak2
By tobz789
#25517 I will make this a short post.. as i just writ it all out and i got an error litrely...
IGN: tobz789
COuntry: France
Maturity: 100
Building EXP: 95/100
I own creepcraft the server so i would love to help you out and be staff, as i dont have alot of players on my server i would love to help you out!