By guitardude2838
Jfreak9 wrote:I would like to be First Gymleader as well as an OP

ign: Jfreak9
Building skill 100$
Maturity level: 99.1%

I have been an Admin on Ultimatecrafting server.
I know WorldEdit,WorldGuard,Essentials and Regioning

Ok jfreak9 you can definetly be the first/ flying gym but we already have a full staff.

By guitardude2838
midpoint68 wrote:Just wondering... Are you planning on opening the server when you have all the gyms figured out, or is there more to be done before its public?

Well we have the money but first we still need to put it all on a credit card, then we also need to plan everything out like how we're gonna do stuff and meet everyone who is in the staff, then we will PM everyone the ip so we can build atleast one region (possibly less) then we will release the ip.good question.