By guitardude2838
PCDMinecrafter wrote:I cant wait for this it is so well planned out the gym leaders and everything!

Yeah this took alot of time to get pulled together and i cant wait either.sorry i would've replied faster but i didnt realize there was a new page lol.
By tobz789
guitardude2838 wrote:
tobz789 wrote:and BTW it wouldnt be 24/7 Though but its a good temp host :)

Do you have skype or any other communication programs?

Soz i been sick for a day.. ok sure i added you and hipi on skype
By guitardude2838
Smaug wrote:Cant wait till this server is finally finished with hard work and dedication it will be great :)

Hopefully it will be great :D . We will try to make it one of the top pixelmon servers! This is gonna take a while to build but after that it is sure to be a great server.