By DMTsmoke
#41799 @TheDrake: You already understand that we have 0 downtime ever since updating to 1.5.2 (week and 1/2 ago) and 15+ players on at all times pretty much (I know you understand that since you're on every so often)..No crashes or data loss. Backups of map and Player/Pokemon data weekly.....The fact that I would not give you free donator privileges and move your plot from the old map doesn't mean the server isn't to be means you don't appreciate all the help I've given you the past week to begin with, Drake. You're STILL the only player to ever complain about my server in the history of the server.....and it has always been for personal/petty reasons. Sorry we couldn't bring your plot to the new map but you honestly don't know how to accept help when it's offered. Whether you are just a spoiled child or don't know how to deal with people in general, that's not the server's fault, it is yours.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I helped you more than any other player on the server by FAR Drake and somehow, you were the only one who ever complained. PS: Thx for bumping my post btw. Needed it.
By Thedrake
#42269 @DMTSmokes: I wish to see about the crashes and such... They are fixed for now, it doesn't mean they won't happen later.
About the free donator privileges... I NEVER EVER asked you for it... That's just lying, putting me in the wrong easily... And about the plot, I should remind you that you had to move it like... several days ago. You said several times that you would move my plot to the new map for "this night", but it's still not done at this time. If you couldn't do it for any reason, just say so, don't lie.

Also, I'm the one who complain the most... Who else lost about several diamond coins? I think I lost far more than others with ll the accumulated crashes and bugs. So I guess it was fear I could receive help for it, mostly from someone who spend a lot of time to the server, participating to the activities and helping it to live...

A last thing, you say I don't know how to appreciate the help I receive, but half of the time I try to help you (mostly to fix some bugs, mistakes or whatever), you just ignore what I say, and the last time you even just made fun of me, like a child can do... (Yes, that really reminded me the times I saw a child making fun for stupidities)

Well... I'm sorry, but this time, I don't intend to come back to the server. The first time I was feeling bad, but this time, I feel no remorse.

If kids are fine with such a server, then that's perfectly fine, and they will make it living themselves, with their way... I think I said everything I had to. Have a great day.