By DMTsmoke
#31489 Truly glad we could help. Sorry that happened in the first place -.- but we back you guys up ;). And our crowd grows daily =) Sometimes it's just more populated than others. Anywhere between 3pm - 10pm (Central) is generally a good time to come on, as there are many more players on and various Spleef games & Pokemon Tournaments are held in that time for great prizes.
By Gammasite
#33642 Want to build, but don't feel like paying 6 diamond coins for a Tuxedo and plot? Follow the main road past the colosseum and check out "SimCity," a community town where everyone gets a free plot of land to build their own masterpiece! Building supplies are provided, but you can also bring your own unique supplies from your plots.

But hey, maybe you don't care about building. If you're here to be the very best, come build a team and apply to be a gym leader! We've recently had two leaders abandon their posts, so we're looking for strong trainers to fill their positions!
By DMTsmoke
#40139 Proud to annouce that we have updated to Minecraft 1.5.2/Pixelmon 2.2.1/CustomNPCs 1.5.2!!!
Everyone update please and thx very much DemonicWolf for helping me out toward the end of that whole ordeal ;) =). See you online!

Edit: Please CAREFULLY note - Optifine does NOT work right now on our version of Forge. Please do not try to play on here with it, as it may crash your Minecraft.