By Thedrake
#30400 A server that sounded promising, npcs, a few of cities, gym leaders... but 2 main problems that make me not enjoying the server as much as I did at the beginning... First: the community. If you come when most of players are here you can't avoid spam of insults and such... will probably getting worse and worse as the server grows. Second: No backup and nothing against bugs... You can spend hours, or even days to make something in the server, if ever something happens and everything is lost, everything is lost. Those details may not bother, but they do for me...

EDIT: Actually, he makes every weeks back ups of everything... as I could expect from a server of this level. I'm glad I recover the TMs I lost. However, the server is stil too empty at time... that's why new people must come in!
By DMTsmoke
#30890 Drake: Your ender chest being bugged and you losing everything does not warrant you to bash on the're the only one who had a problem with this in the history of the server and I even offered help. My offer still stands but don't be rude on the forums as the result of a bug, one that is not even confirmed, as you're the ONLY one experiencing the issue. All you did was ask me to replace your TMs (over 30) which i said no to (you can see my apprehension). You never asked for a back up of your player data...I DO have a backup of your player data but it is 3 days old.....I do not mind giving it to you if you apologize. Do not be so rude next time =/

PS: "Spam of insults" ? It's the internet, heard of it? I don't censor what people say because I'm not North Korea or China..People can say what they want on here. I'm not one to tell them otherwise. If you're not adult enough to understand that, do not play on here. I know some other servers block obscenities or even kick for them, but when the spam is just pure message spam, Bukkit auto-kicks them anyway. Don't have complaints that could apply to almost each and every server out there.
By Thedrake
#31101 I'm not bashing the server... just saying the truth... Also, I heard that someone else also experimented the problem.

However, about what I asked... I asked you a way to fix the bug. And about the backup, of course I asked for one, I exactly talked about a "back up of the enderchest or what ever you have". When I thought understanding that there was no way to get my TMs back, I really felt bad, believe me, and regretted this bug a lot...

EDIT: Well... I would like to be able to talk with you for a little while...
By DMTsmoke
#31438 Drake: I know all of the players that come and go on here (even been on for 24 hours straight once...dont judge). I'm by no means a lazy admin (far from it) so no, there is no one else that experienced this problem (or "experimented" it, as you say =p ). In either case, you did not ask for a back up and even if you did, you did it in public chat not whispers (i have many more messages than just yours to read, hard enough without whisper-text). However I am not here to argue. I'll see you in-game and sort this out. Again, do not bash our server and then try to say "others experienced the same problem". They did not, and I'm patient enough for trying to sort this out with you to begin with.

Edit: Next time, come to me directly in-game with whispers for these kind of problems. They happen (it's Minecraft, and modded no less), but going about it as you did (on public forums) does not help your cause.