By adamheyes
DMTsmoke wrote:Hey guys at Pixelmon! My friends and I are proud to finally present to you DMTsmoke's Pixelmon Trip! After searching for and playing quite a few Pixelmon servers, (some of you may know me), I have decided to run my own, addressing real issues that many servers have overlooked. We boast a well-planned and heavily beta-tested economy, utilizing the CustomNPCs system in a unique way with the Pixelmon system. There are many NPC shops selling a plethora of different items (and not all of them are Pixelmon items!). The shops progress and the Merchant inventories advance as you travel further into our custom-made world. Numerous towns and cities to choose from, you can sleep at any of the Inns to make a home! Our server aims for a fantasy-Pixelmon type feel, like no other server I have played honestly. With our awesome SSD (Solid State Drive), 8gb RAM (fully dedicated) BeastNode hosted server, lag is not an option. Battles are crisp and lag-free as well (with phenomenal battle-text speed). Join our friendly, blooming community and see what we have to offer...We might just be the alternative Pixelmon gem you were looking for.

Recent Update: Upgraded from 4gb RAM to 8gb RAM, thanks to the support of our donors!!! Thank you very much everyone! We will only grow as a community together!

Server IP:

Community Forums:

~~== REQUIRED MODS (easy to install): ==~~

Forge: ... tion=files

CustomNPCs: ... s-splanmp/


Pixelmon Resources: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1687

By theflameking
#51140 i have to say i have been on this server sinces day one i love seeing it grow and seeing it have more than like half the ppl it can hold is just AWSOME!!!!! join the server today! its losts and fun and u will never hate it promise!!! :D im happy i joined!!!
By CRZMrino
#53553 This server has virtually no lag, restarts every couple hours to prevent lag, and has a gym leader community with caps from 50 to 70 up and running. Plus there are minigames thrown almost every night for prizes and rare items, and it's very easy to get involved. If you've been scrolling around these forums looking for a great pixelmon server, its right here.
By miyukigainsborough
#53554 What can I say about this server that hasn't already been said? x3
It's amazing! Fun community, some pretty awesome people, and an really cool and kind admin.
I really don't see why anyone would choose a different server.
Did I forget to mention the super fun events and the lag that is a myth? :)
Really, more people need to be on this server.
By 10abarrett
#53640 Do you enjoy Pixelmon? Do you like making new friends, if so this is the perfect server for you. All the people on the server are really nice and even the owner is REALLY friendly and is on a lot of the time. This is helpful because if you have any problems or queries there is someone there to help you. Also you can ask the owner for your own plot of land and the materials to build a house there. I have my own house and it is very useful because it is right next to an arena. If you have any more questions about the server please contact DMTsmoke for more info. Thanks for reading xD