By Garick
#20927 Hello everyone, with many other pixelmon servers showing up lately I have decided to host one that I think may be slightly different from most others, below you will find information on what the server is about and its current status.

Server Name: Pixelmon-CrimsonGalaxy.

Server Website: (Work in Progress)

Server Type: Casual/Role playing (Role playing is encouraged but not enforced)

Mods Required: Custom Npcs and Latest Pixelmon. (Subject to change.)

Default Mode: Adventure (Mainly to help stave off grief those who prove will become survival)

White listed: Yes. (This as well to stave off drive-by grief.)

Server Status: Alpha - Locally hosted until in beta (Currently in development. In need of a good builder or two and a tester)

Current WIP: I believe towns and villages should be straight forward and simplistic in design and use.

Personal Views: I think that a quality roleplay server gives its players the tools and allows them to create a world they want to be a part of.

  • Land Protection
  • Role-playing Events
  • Currency System
  • Berry Growing
  • Pokemon Breeding (Yes, you read that correctly)
  • Gyms
  • Quick Travel
  • Voice Service: Raidcall (ID:6013367 If I am not on just contact me here by pm.)
  • Ender Chests (Those who make it to survival will win one of these.)
  • More to Come

Server Rules: (These may sound strict but with the maturity of most people I come across I feel it is needed).

1. Be mature. (Age does not denote maturity, as such do your best be you old or young to be mature.)
2. No Grief. (Destruction, theft, aggravating others in any way where it is done so intentionally will not be accepted.)
3. Help Others. (While it is said good deeds are their own reward, you may be surprised just what rewards you may get for your kindness toward your fellow players.)
4. No Cursing.(We may have younger players and their family may not appreciate your bad language. While sometimes it slips we will try to keep it clean.)
5. Towns. Towns and structures must be given acceptable space from one another. If a person is building nearby then please respect their privacy, Ask if you may build near them and if not move on. If you do not respect this then you will be moved.

Anyone breaking these rules, especially foul language and grief will be banned without the option to repeal and without warning.