By moonseye1
#44582 Hello i would like to join kanto kraft i love Pokemon and minecraft and what makes it better this server is role play ha i love that if you wish to white list me my IGN is moonseye1.

Oh also i love the fact we can make non canon towns thats a awesome feature you guys are adding.

By jayzor presents
#46393 hi i would like to be a fire type gym leader

how i can help be a gym leader and builder anything rely

experience i have played just about every pokemon game

ign cooldood98

i have been admin once on a public server

im also 14

i also have a youtube channal if that matters youtube channal jayzor presents
By NachoMacho12
#50208 Hi I would like to be a gym leader or elite 4 (I know I'm late)
What can I do for the server: anything and everything (exempt build really bad)
Have I been a mod/admin: yes 3 times
How long have I played pixelmon : I played it for a long time and I've played pokemon
Most of my life
Age : 13
By djcrazy20
#50713 i love ice and grass but prefer water
ign: djcrazy20
admin/ mod and gym leader app :)
how i could benefit the server:i love building pokemon battling.
i was op on 2 servers
pokemon eperience:i've been playing for 5 years now
what about me: it doesnt matter about the age its just if your eperienced or if you like it