By Blue_Ninja215
#21738 I use any type of pokemon

Admin/Mod App:Ive been in Admin Once for helping build spawn (didnt buy admin)
What I Can Do For The Server:I can be a gym leader but i havent play very long
Where you were mod/admin:Kraftvol
Pixelmon Experience : Just started
What About You: Im 13,Asian,Plays LoL,
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By Kamkari
#22019 IGN: Kamkari
Age: 20, M, Canada
Been playing pixelmon for around a week.
I would love to be the Ghost gym leader as well as help build where it's needed.
I feel I can confidently portray the 'Poke'-esque design style in minecraft (:
By Pokemon Lover
#32404 I would like to be a builder, or a gym leader, or whatever i can do to help!

What i can do to help the server:I am pretty good with the custom NPCs mod.And I know some about pixelmon so i can help with the mods.And I'm a pretty good builder(or at least i think so.).And i love to help people so if someone has a question i can probably answer.
Pixelmon Experience:Not much on servers but i play some in single player.
About me:I'm just 12 but im a pro at minecraft.And i love to help people.And im very creative and sometimes annoying people say(but i think they are just crazy and total 100% liars.And by liars i mean truth-tellers.)but i mean to be annoying so im only annoying when i want to be.And i normally dont even apply to whitelisted servers but i love the mods on this server so why not!?
By JJ_EeveeHikaru
#40238 I would like to be a builder, gym leader, or just a plain role player :D

IGN: tofu24554
What I can do to help the server: I'm loaded with minecraft and pixelmon experience so I can give people advice and tips. I always check on people and I'm a very fun guy :)
Pixelmon Experience: I have been op on 6 servers. I have played pixelmon for 3 months now and minecraft for 2 years.
About me: I'm just a 12 year old but i'm VERY mature for my age. I always love to help people and help people have fun. I'm really nice and outgoing.
By tbrower
#40443 IGN: ElricBrotherTMB
Age: 19
Experience: I admin/Co-own a Kanto Region pixelmon server myself. I have been playing pixelmon since the mod first came out. Very experienced redstoner and an expert at custom npc's.

Not really looking for a gym leader or admin position but if you want me to I am more than willing to step up. on a personal note, I like dragon pokemon, and the eevee line.
By DarkNintendoGuy
#40773 I Love ICE Type And Im A Great Builder So Can i be A ICE gym And A Builder
IGN DarkNintendoGuy
What I Can Do For The Server:I can build a whole made up region if you want ever you want.
Where you were mod/admin:I was Admin on 2 servers and Mod on another 2 servers
Pixelmon Experience : About 30 servers with all level 50-90 pokemon
What About You: im right cause im 14 im responsible have experience and mature.