By Its_TekK
#19533 I am making a new server and i need builders and gym leaders.

The server will include multiple worlds; an adventure world,a world for tournaments,and a survival world. The server will also include plugins and will allow cracked users to join.

Adventure World: The Adventure world will include its own region with gyms,cities,Elite Four,villanious team(like team rocket),a proffesor,a forest and a mountain.

Tournament World: The Tournament world will be for trainers versing eachother to move up the leaderboards. Trainers will verse others with the same skill level of pokemon.

Survival World: The Survival world will be for surviving in the wilderness with your pokemon

EXP in Building:
Favorite Pokemon:

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By Beakerthecat
#19700 IGN: beakerthecat
EXP in Building: Ive played for 2 1/2 Years I build pretty awesome stuff
Favorite Pokemon: Ampharos, Electric Type, Johto Region

Im like a pokenerd so if you want me to be a gym leader I will :)
I want to play asap Because I love Adventure servers one question will it be like a kanto region johto? or like sinnoh just wondering :3
By 1Charak2
#20172 i want to join
IGN 1Charak2 I played minecraft for 3 years :D i know loads of stuff and i am a wizard with redstone
favorite pokemon Raichu its so awsome Electric type johto region moveset thunder dig hyperbeam thunderwave