By DarkNintendoGuy
#21023 Apply for Helper:
IGN (In-Game Name:DarkNintendoGuy
Time Zone?:Pacific Time Zone
Experience?:Well if been playing mine craft since like a year and a half ago and I've been playing pokemon since i was 4 but didn't really understand it then.
How long you can play each day? since its only up for 2-5hours i would be able to be on for all those times
By aGraypanda
#21390 I would like 2 apply 2 be a helper But dude the server needs 2 be up more
Age: 12
TimeZone: North American Eastern Time Zone
Experience:2 years o minecraft like 10 years of pokemon and a year of pixelmon
How long can i play? Bout 12 hours on weekends (New York) and 4-6 on weekdays
By tommyzoom99
#21498 IGN: tommyzoom99
Age: 16
Time Zone: (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
Experience: I am currently a gym leader on 2 different servers but i have never been an E4 before, i would like to try it out though
How long you can play each day: about 3-5 hours (possibly 6)
By aGraypanda
#25658 To Apply for Helper:
IGN (In-Game Name:aGraypanda
Time Zone?:North American Eastern Time Zone
Experience?:I have Played Minecraft Fo 2 years,I am a Admin on 2 servers and a Builder on 2 other Servers
How long you can play each day?:within 30 mins-5 hours on Weekdays Within 30 mins-10 Hours :P