By BBot4Life
#18617 IGN (In-Game Name: BBot4Life
Age: 13
Time Zone?: England
Experience?: Playing Minecraft for 2 and a half years and pokemon since i was 4 (watched as a baby)
How long you can play each day?: Weekends mostly 10 hours weekdays 5

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By Kyiv
#18935 Server is Back on.
World Reset because of Zubat chunk error.
By profoak0117
#20059 To Apply for Helper:
IGN (In-Game Name: profoak0117
Age: 13
Time Zone?: Central
Experience?: owned 3 servers before, builder for one, administrator for another, and moderator for one.
How long you can play each day?: 1-2 hours give or take
By xWhatsherfacex
#20456 Hi there! My IGN is EpicFailTeen
I am currently 17 years old
Time Zone: (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
I've played minecraft for a couple years now, I got it sometime around Beta. As far as servers i've played on two of my friends before as staff and had a great time!
I've been a Pokefan since I was really little, but only got my first game a year ago. (I have diamond and white currently, but am planning on buying as many of them as I can once i've saved up.) I've only just installed pixelmon this week. but I'm learning quickly! I'd really like to be a gym leader.
How long you can play each day?: It all really depends on my daily schedule. I don't get home from school until 3:30 (my time) normally on weekdays, but I can be on pretty much whenever after that.

Thanks for taking the time to read my submission. ^^
By Hemp-Hill
#20472 IGN: Holmes15
AGE: 16
TIME ZONE: eastern standard
EXP: ive played minecraft since early alpha and pokemon since the first gen ive played pixel about 1 week after it came out
TIME: i can play usualy 3-4 hours
on pokemon servers ive been a gym leader 3 times and elite four 2 times
Ive been mod 6 times and admin 4 times
thanks for reading and i look forward 2 seeing the awnser
By JanaRapter
#20844 IGN (In-Game Name: JanaRapter
Age: 13
Time Zone?: UTC+10:00
Experience?: Pretty good at building, Played Minecraft for 1 and a half years, Pixelmon 1 year, Pokemon 3 years
How long you can play each day?: Pretty much the whole day. But mostly in the afternoon.
Note: I am very mature and very kind to people and players alike.