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By Kyiv
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Hi, It's Me Kyiv and I will open it once I get back from Malaysia. Hopefully, my stupid java problematic Mac can host it!

The IP is : [highlight][/highlight]

Kyiv_ is the Owner!

We hope you join us!

We have many things running and maybe some of you guys will help us improve our server!

We Have Factions to protect your land :)

Mods Needed!:
Pixelmon 2.2.1

To Apply for Helper:
IGN (In-Game Name:
Time Zone?:
How long you can play each day?:

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By Kyiv
Nicksmackerz wrote:IGN (In-Game Name: Nicksmackerz
Age: 15
Time Zone?: Eastern Standard time
Experience?: Been playing Minecraft since Alpha, and been playing pokemon since I was 6 :D
How long you can play each day?: 2-3 hours a day

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By Kyiv
calltopower1 wrote:IGN (In-Game Name: calltopower1
Age: 15 tommorow
Time Zone?: GMT
Experience?: MC( 2 or so years) pixelmon (bout a year)
How long you can play each day?: i can play 6 hours, but i wont be on all the time

By SquirtleTurtlez
#18487 IGN (In-Game Name:Turtlez3659
Age: 14
Time Zone?: CPT
Experience?: I had minecraft since minecraft beta 1.2 Pixelmon expericence about 3 months
How long you can play each day?: Well weekdays for now I will be somewhat busy with CST and all so i will be avalible maybe an hour a day for weekdays and weekend sometimes 8 hours :< i have no life...
By kev15535
#18518 IGN (In game name:Kevin15535)
Age: 15
Time Zone: Eastern or EST
Experience: One year of playing/research and had pixelmon since one of its beta versions.
How long can I play? As much on the weekends except for dinner and lunch time.
By PrancingPanda
#18598 why is it offline?? and
IGN (In-Game Name: Prancing Panda
Age: 13 14 on may 5th
Time Zone?: Australian Eastern Standard
Experience?: Not much but would like to give it a go.
How long you can play each day?: prob about 3 hours because i got school to deal with and i am going some in prob 3 days