By Coleman_C15
- Age


- Desired type

- Determined Level

I enjoy this server a lot, and i hope I can be given the privilege of being a gym leader.
I have been playing pokemon ever sense I was 7 and I am glad I can finely play online with other people.

By kmt0072
#19056 age:15
type:really any thing but poison or rock(i would like dragon but what ever is ok)
level: witch ever level
reason would should pick me: i have been gym leader on 2 severs and admin on another also im good a pixlemon and minecraft and i can make a good team also i can be on most weekends and a lot of week days after 3:55 mostly after 4:00
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By GrandmasterJMC
#19062 - Age:14
- IGN: GrandMasterJMC
- Desired type: Dragon
- Determined Level: it doesn't matter
By ansh560
#19114 - Age - 16
- IGN - ansh560
- Desired type - Electric
- Determined Level - lvls 30-40

i already applied for rainbow but that is filled so id like to be electric gym leader. i owned my own server and would love to be part of your league!