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#18452 I know the server should be 24/7 but some pokemon at some point in time spawn badly and keeps corrupting the map and of course happens while im away. All i have to do really is bring the world over to single player and despawn that pokemon and the server will work again.
By xWhatsherfacex
#18883 Hi there!
I am 17 years old.
My In game name is EpicFailTeen (It was from a while ago... I wish I could change it without purchasing an whole new game)
I'd like to be a Psychic Type Gym Leader if you permit it, or my second choice would be Dark type. If not either, I'd settle to be a lowly trainer. ^^
I would also take any level happily.

I haven't played Minecraft, let alone on a server for about 6 months. It sounds really fun though! So my apologies in advance if I seem a little on the n00b side with this mod and the newest updates.
Thanks for your time reading my application!
By milofishooks
#18932 Ill Ask if my friend and i can have a double gym so this is our app

Ages:14 & 14
IGNS:milofishooks & mrpizzaface
Desired Types: We Don't care
Determined Levels:We Don't Care
By ansh560
#18982 - Age- 16
- IGN- ansh560
- Desired type- Mix (water, electric, fire, flying, grass)
- Determined Level- 30-40

I used to host my own server for about 3 months and they got sidetracked with school. but I'm a very mature guy and would love to be the newest addition to the league!