By PoweredDragon
#16020 Good server. Only one note:
Administrator(not owner) makes too many NPCs and they makes a bit laggy(for people with weak computers) Really i recommend server cause it great! but it's annoying if u see 100000000000000000000000000 NPCS at spawn...

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By Umbreon1110
#16117 I would enjoy being the water leader, my minecraft username is Arceus12234, if not, i'll still be ok.

I won't throw a temper tantrum if I loose a gym battle as the leader, the challenger must beat one gym to move to the next

My team would be....
Vaporeon, Lapras, Starmie, Omastar, Gyarados
I would be about the 6th/7th/8th leader

I hope you will accept me as leader! i'd very much enjoy it
By PoweredDragon
#16231 i want to be unbanned. Your "assistant"'s friend ban me cuz i your assistant's his op... Why? He placed 2 fossils machine at spawn, griefed roof of pokecenter, was griefing my shops, called me moron. They were voting about taking my op. Reason - i deopped and took creative from Crazed Reason Above. Sorry. I said u. Don't make him op cause... Never mind...

They pardon me. And then call me sucker, idiot, abooser, and ban me with reason Fuck You... Your crazed, your tgovani, and some one with nick on "N"

Next pardon. 2 times kill, Next ban: Reason: You are banned by an operator...

well. One normal player(Dirtz) pardon me, and then tofi banned me next time with reason: Bad, bad bad bad powered and why dirtz did it?
By PoweredDragon
#16350 sorry. I didn't abuse my power. I just do, what i had to do. Pel said: If crazed will be doing something wrong - deop him. I Deoped him, and then his friends (fortuity moderator and former player) ban me, when unban they said that they were voting about me, though they didn't have permissions to do that. It's why i'm asking for my ub and moderator back. And also i know who spoiled value and drop exchanger. If crazed was deop - NPCs were good, if crazed was op i saw how he's using NPC wand near spawn npc. He's cheating on you. Says that he didn't do anything, though he's still destroying server.