By Windjoe
#33154 I'd like to apply for whitelist as well.
I applied for beta tester about a month ago and was accepted a few days ago and I've reported all bugs I've been able to find in the beta so far.
IGN: Windjoe
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By KuryoZT
Rados wrote:Other, write down in the post, I'll consider if its enough

O.o, meaning even someone like me could apply for whitelist? Even though I'm a "simple" ,unknown to most, player, I do post around in the forums, trying my best to give advice in the nicest but clearest way possible. I'm an all-rounder nice and friendly guy, that would understand if it's not enough.
Thanks for reading, and is there a way to donate? I see no links.
By jishness
#37637 I'm going to be closing the dev server. My server costs are $135 a month, and I was able to run that for a while from Pokemafia Donations and a couple other sources. But I am no longer getting as much money. So this server will close June 4th.

The Pokemafia server will be moved to a minecraft hosting service for a much lower rate, so that it can keep going off the current donations we have.

If you play on the dev server and would like your stuff moved over to the Pokemafia server, I can accomodate that. Otherwise I will likely be sending Rados a copy of the server files.