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Derpmon Information
Derpmon is a minecraft server based on the mod pixelmon. We love to have new player join our server and feel like we have made a difference in your minecraft experience!

Plugins and Features
We have tons of plugins to enchance your gameplay, Such as McMMO, ChestShop, WorldGuard for Land Protection. Now for the pixelmon side of the Features. We have Boss Drops, TMs, Selling of Pixelmon items, Pixelmon flying and wondertrade enabled! We also offer in-game earnable ranks!

Buycraft and Donations
On our donation store, we sell everything from fossils to ranks to pixelmon items! These things enhance your gameplay and make it quicker to get to what you need!

Server Rules are as follow
[1] - Do not Grief!
[2] - Do not use Hacks!
[3] - Be Positive and Respectful!
[4] - Do not Swear or be Racist!
[5] - Don't ask for Staff or Items
[6] - Don't make DDos Threats

Our website is