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By warcommando2
#132731 welcome fellow trainers to pixel-warfare. you may apply to the server here at:, after being acxcepted you will be given a link to the pack as well as the ip for the server. the pack is based around warfare as an idea with building in mind as well besides technology of different types as well as waiting for NEI to be updated as well to be added but other than that im testing pack v1.1 before it is ready for private distribution.

so here are a few rules to give you a general idea what the server is like:

1. Any pokeman that faints is considered to be dead, and must be released.
2. No trading pokemon you can only use pokemon that you captured yourself.
3. Starting pokemon are released after you catch your first pokemon.
4. You are only allowed to have a maximum of 12 pokemon that you can interchange for your battles. All other pokemon are considered dead and must be released.
5. The only thing that can increase your team is shiny pokemon. But if you have 12 pokemon and one of them is a shiny you do not get an extra member for your team.
6. You are not allowed to have any doubles of pokemon that includes if the double is a shiny, all pokemon needs to be unique.
7. If you die anywhere in the world while any of your pokemon are out of their pokeball you must release it or them.
8. Any items that you put on your pokemon are lost if that pokemon faints.
9. No Masterballs
this post will be updated on a regular basis to keep you all updated