By emaaaze
#132479 InceptiMon!

InceptiMon has been around for many many months. The incepticraft server community however has been around for exactly 1 year and 8 months so we're no newcomers to the server providing. We know exactly how to treat out players and what the players want. We host all our servers on a dedicated server and we run 5 servers currently. If you want to be treated with respect unlike most servers here is the place to be.

InceptiMon has had a recent map reset due to the update and the whole map is under construction currently. Therefore nows your chance to join and get good pokemon before the rest! We offer weekly tournaments of all level caps so even the newcomers get a chance to win website points which you can accumulate to get packages.

The server is open and we hope to keep it grief free we will however put a whitelist on if grief did become an issue but we believe it won't!

We have a few plugins like pixel gym etc, and mainly we have installed wonder trade for users to use! We aim to make sure donors and members are balanced therefore this server you won't see a pay to be the best regime

NOTE: Make sure you have custom npcs installed too!