By honkinpigs

-- Limited Time Offer --
The first 10 people to post their usernames here and join the server, can receive a pokemon lvl 10 of their choice spawned for them, not including legendaries, porygon or shinies.

It's recommended you take the time to check out the image linked above, It will give you all of the information on our server, and looks nicer than the text written out below.

The current main problem we have with our server is the playerbase, we simply don't have enough players. So were hoping that more and more people keep joining, to make the server more enjoyable for everyone.

    Peaceful mode with keep inventory enabled
    Nether for mining quartz
    Grief Prevention (Worldguard systems where members file a ticket to get an area protected)
    As long as people use the space they're given, they can infinitely expand
    Cities with plots
    Players are free to build in the wild
    8 Cities with gyms all beautifully made
    Pokemall to buy and sell almost anything!
    /kit starter for new people to get all they need to get started
    Gyms that offer a badge and reward
    Friendly and helpful staff
    Poketrainer battle tower (Broken in 3.1.4)
    All of the biomes
    Resource world with a warp pad to each biome, for collecting resources! (this world regenerares monthly)
    Will use wondertrade and IVs/EVs Sidemod when more stable release is available
    Elite 4 Comming Soon |