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By Quakthorn2
Swords of Justice

A Custom Pixelmon Survival Server

Youtube: Coming Soon

We at Swords of Justice, commonly known as SoJ, strive to create a wholesome, exciting and family friendly server for players of all ages to enjoy. Unlike other servers who require donations to stay alive, we privately own the host that which we run on. With that, we will never require donations. We will still appreciate any and all donations that we receive greatly, nonetheless. These donations will go towards adding new features, upgrading and even open new servers for all players to enjoy. Also, be sure to read to the end of this post for a special gift :D

8-) Now with the introduction out of the way, let's show off some of the features offer on the server 8-)

[*]Safari Zone: Find & Capture some of the rarest and hardest to find Pokemon currently in the mod in one place!
[*]Player Gyms: There are a total of 40 gyms (Some positions are still available!)
[*]Land Claiming: We do not use Grief Prevention due to being unable to battle inside them. We got something better :P
[*]Bonus Pokemon Loot: Instead of just receiving their drops, Pokemon will also drop small amounts of in-game cash!
[*]Bird Shrines & Cloning Machines are Enabled: Most servers remove these, we don't!
[*]Casino: Win prizes like In-Game Cash or even Shiny Pokemon!
[*]Wondertrade: You can use it every 8 hours!
[*]EV-IV Checking: Make EV Training Easier with these checks!
[*]Daily Boss Drop Party: Everyday @ 4:30pm CST!**May Vary**
[*]Unique Spawn: Never been done in Pixelmon History :P
[*]All 6 Regions: Coming Soon
[*]Custom Starter Pokemon List (Level 10 & Shiny) *Open The Spoiler to see what they are!*
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Thank you for reading about our server and keep checking out for new features as they arrive!

Finally, the special gift!

Simply post your IGN, along with something that you love about our server in the comments below.
Afterwards, speak with Quakthorn(Professor_Oak) or SweetSakura91 (Lil_Miss_Shaymin) Ingame to recieve a Level 20 Porygon to join your Pokemon Party! (Only one Porygon per person, please!)
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By charmander
#132330 IGN: AFatArmy

I just joined the server today and I believe this is one of the best pixelmon server I ever played on yet. I think I will be on here for a while :p