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By randomdude2007
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Our website!

Arcadia is a Pixelmon server that has started up recently, and we'd like to give you all a chance to join us!

Originally starting off as a Voltz server, we have recently added a Pixelmon to our list of servers! With a dedicated host, and amazing plugins, we keep our server lag-free, and great to play on! With Gyms currently being worked on, you can expect a good challenge from the Gym Leaders, and eventually, our Elite 4. Our Pixelmon server is in Survival Mode, allowing you to build your own base, or if you like, towns for other players to live with you! You can play without fear of being griefed or raided, as PvP and Griefing aren't allowed on our server, which encourages a friendly community!

With a great spawn, featuring a custom built Pokemon Centre, and Shop, you can heal your team, and buy great items very easily!

We also have voting links, which allow you to get good items, and money for you to buy different items, from either the Shop, or our market which enables players to sell items to each other!

We hope you will consider joining our server, and hopefully, we will see you in-game soon!

-[Head Admin] Random

Our Spawn: