By CharzardPickachu
#36696 im not inactive its just that only like 3 gym leaders have come on and its kind of annoying
By Bryman2
#38602 IGN: Bryman2
Favorite Pokemon: Weezing
Level of Pokemon Knowledge: Beginner
Gender: Male
Bryman2 is a young new trainer from pallet town, who loves poison type. He is very focused when it comes to pokemon battles and lookes for the key moment to poison his enemies. He strives to become the best poison master kanto region has ever seen and looks forward to the day he challenges the elite four.
By Youcool070
#38859 Ign:3Stars_AndTheSun
Favorite Pokemon: I love all of them
Level of Pokemon knowledge:i say between average and expert

3Stars_AndTheSun Is a new trainer who came from pallet town in the kanto region. His dream was to become a pokemon league champion , he's bestfriend gave him a Bulbasaur. Which he cared for, for the rest of hes life. From that day forward hes dream was to become the Champion.And care about Pokemons want to be friend with them :D
By dantheman88005
#39295 dantheman88012
favorite Pokemon: Eevee
level of Pokemon knowledge: Expert
Gender: male
dantheman88012 is a excellent business man that was all he know until a injured eevee came into his care the original trainer gave up on the eevee and left it in the wild to die from ether a fearow or a herd of taurus. so this little eevee was taken care of for the next few months and dantheman can to love the little eevee so he when't to the poke-center after the eevee had a good amount of strength so that way they could heal her the reast of the way mostly because the eevee was literally bounding off the walls all the time of course dantheman was not the only one to get attached so did the eevee so when dantheman88012 when,t to let eevee free it decided it was foing to stay with its savor so the to trained until eevee was strong enough to face the world and they when,t to challenge the gyms and get there badges so that way they could challenge the elite 4