By Sonofleo
#34184 CharizardPikachu Is this 24 hours??? cause Daytime for me is Bedtime for you :/
By Articuno437
#34718 Eh... i'm waiting for the next update for pixelmon to join this server. My team
would probably be Leafeon, Ivysaur and um... Oddish.
By KingGongora
#34758 Minecraft username: KingGongora
Favourite Pokemon: Dragonite
Level of pokemon knowledge: Beginner
Gender: Male

Characters background: Gongora, a young man who's dream was to train one of the strongest pokemon teams ever trained. However at a young age Gongora had to help his family with the family business and missed out on going the typical adventure most kids of his age did. Now that the family business is settled down and stable, Gongora is now able to pursue his dream.
By bluegroll2
#35107 IGN: bluegroll2

Pokemon: Zoroark, master of illusions :D

Knowledge, definitely expert


I am an Eevee trainer raised from a dark town... where people were not the nicest, it almost seemed as always night where i lived ! i trainer my eevee so hard during night time and it turned into an umbreon, at first i didnt think it would be strong enough to fit my personallity but the umberon loved the town. And me too.
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By emerald_ice
#36017 emerald_ice
Woobat, and Turtwig.
She was raised in a forest- surrounded by pokemon. Unknowing of who her parents were, she was raised by the surrounding pokemon, they told her tales & stories of Pokemon Trainers- She could understand the pokemon fluently. One day, when she was the age of 10, a Man-Professor Tamarsik- Came to the forest to study the pokemon. However, she was unaware of his intentions, and thinking he was evil, she used her friends and battled the professor. Of course, he beat her with ease- but he took her back to his lab and taught her about pokemon trainers, Gym leaders, and exploring the world. She wanted to do this more than anything else, so he gave her a Pokedex, and Pokeballs then sent her on her journey,
That was 6 Years ago. Her name is Emerald, and her Two partners are a Torterra & Swoobat. She aspires to become on of the Elite 4.