By Hemp-Hill
#20419 IGN: holmes15
Favorite Pokemon: Blastoise
Pokemon Knowledge skill: 3/4 between expert and pokenerd
Gender: Male
holmes15 is a young boy who was kidnapped 2 days after his mom and dad died. The kidnapper had captured a
Squirtle. But the Squirtle didnt like his owner because he abused him.Him and the Squirtle had started being freinds and eventually a team. Then they battled the kidnapper and his Houndoom and then they won the poke battle. Then they went on to become the best team they could. Then he evolved into a Wartortle and on their final gym battle the Wartortle evolved into a Blastoise.

By Articuno437
CharzardPickachu wrote:everyone is accepted and its ok i don't expect u to be on 24/7

Oh, ok. I'll be there a majority of the time, as I said in a preivous post.
By Articuno437
#20826 STOP asking CharizardPikachu "WHEN THE SERVER IS UP?"! CHARIZARDPIKACHU IS TRYING TO GET IT FINISHED AS FAST AS HE CAN. Please stop asking questions. And I didn't mean to put it in CAPS.
By CharzardPickachu
#20950 everyone is accepted lol u guys r sooo funny and it will be up on sunday at the latest and tonight at the earliest and btw this is a canadian server (to answer ApocolypticMew's question)