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#12839 Chardia!!!/size]


Chardia is a NEW POKEMON REGION!!!!!!!
Chardia is a role playing server where you must find each town and beat the gym leaders and collect the badges. Once you've done that you must go to the pokemon league and defeat the elite four! This all takes place in a new region. That way you have no idea where you're going. Along the road to your journey you must defeat every player in your way to become the best trainer in Chardia!

Rules! WE MEAN THEM :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :lol: :evil:

2. No PVP
3. No spamming chat
4. No asking about plugins
5. Don't ask too many questions
6. Don't ask to become a gym leader or elite four you will be appointed if an operator decides to
7. Have Fun

Applications (We will get back to you ASAP)

You need to write this in the comments!
First put you minecraft username
Then Favourite Pokemon
Then your level of pokemon knowledge (NOOB, Beginner, Average, Expert and POKENERD
Then gender
Then you players background (its a role playing server)
After this is done wait for me to ask you a pokemon question then once you've answered we will whitelist you :D
An example application:
Plumpy1337 was a young boy who came from pallet town in the kanto region. His dream was to become a pokemon champion but he didn't have any pokemon. One night he snuck out of his house and took a poke ball, there he caught his companion charmander. He has just moved to Chardia and is very excited to challenge the gym leaders and become the pokemon champion!

[color=#0000BF]Current Staff & Leaders

Owner Plumpy1337/CharzardPickachu

Elite Four: Plumpy1337(all types but prefers fire and dragon), Armegeddon13, (available), (available)

Gym Leaders (there are no gyms yet but there will be soon) (to apply to become a gym leader post it in the comments saying what you will do as a leader)(Also note gym leaders build their own towns and will not be opped! Also remember you can only apply for elite four when you have beaten all eight gym leaders)

8th gym, KingOfHearts21 (every type)

7th gym, Zekrom_ex (fire type)

6th gym, starfy222 (electric type)

5th gym, O_Pawd (water)

4th gym, zachzombie (ice type)

3rd gym, CITRUSPANDA (poison type)

2cnd gym, wavenaut (dragon type)

1st gym, RedPikimin543 (grass type)


There is now a secret in the server Chardia. I need eight people that are not gym leaders that will live very very far away in the edges of Chardia who will be the keepers of the hidden badges! They will live very far away in a spot that is hard to find and they will have a sign on their house saying "Secret Keeper". What they will do is that if someone finds them they will give that person a special badge. Once you collect every special badge from all eight secret keepers you can see me Plumpy1337 and receive a special prize!!!!

Secret Keeper is also known as SK

SK #1 gravendoom75
SK #2 (available)
SK #3 (available)
SK #4 (available)
SK #5 (available)
SK #6 (available)
SK #7 (available)
SK #8 (available)


It might be down a bit my connection sucks :cry:

Hope You Have Fun

By CharzardPickachu
#12860 Plz come on the server
By ApoloD
#12876 IGN:ApoloD
ApoloD is a Trainer of the region of Kanto, is your favorite pokemon charizard, your favorite is the fire type, is a great trainer, who dreams of becoming the best, so we went to the region of the league pass chardia
By CharzardPickachu
#12881 k if u want u can be elite four?
By CharzardPickachu
#12885 Oh also I'm letting u and everyone else know I'm just trying to install pixelmon on my server and i am going to reinstall all plugins so if u have any recommendation plz tell me ill accept plugin recommendations and anything else
By CharzardPickachu
#12896 and btw u need to do the application but ill let it slide u don't have to
By CharzardPickachu
#12899 and it will be open soon
By juan
#12912 IGN:JuanAndres_
JuanAndres_ Is a teen who came from pallet town in the kanto region. His dream was to become a pokemon champion , he's bestfriend gave him a Bulbasaur. Which he cared for, for the rest of hes life. From that day forward hes dream was to become the Champion.
By PhantomRoy
#12927 IGN: GhostRoy
Favorite Pokemon: Ninetales
Level of Pokemon knowledge: i say in between Expert and Pokenerd :p
Gender: Male
GhostRoy is a young new trainer from pallet with an outburst of joy for fire types, he is very cunning and talented when it comes to pokemon battles and usually lucky. His ALL TIME Fav. pokemon that he uses in every game is Ninetales. Lastly he strives to be the best Trainer that he can be and will gladly accept a challange from any opponent no matter how strong or weak they apear.
By CharzardPickachu
#12930 juan who are the two legendaries in pokemon black and white