By fleetyfleet
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This isn't just a normal pixelmon server this is much more!
On our server we run multiple mods to enhance the pixelmon server and we only want to enhance it you wont find any mods that make the server feel as if its not in the pokemon universe!

as of now we have the Pixelmon, MrCrayfish Furniture Mod, Backpacks Mod, and DeveloperCapes.
But we also understand it can be a hassle downloading these mods and keeping them up to date
So that why we developed a mod sync tool to sync you mods with the exact same mods running on our server

But we also understand some people like them old fashioneds......RAr files that is ;)
so we also have our mods packed in a rar file here for you convince

Our map was designed by professionals

Come try us out and all of our fun events we hold periodically