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By DJ_FluXxX
#131416 PokeBankin is back with a new server finally. It may not be the Adventure server yet but we are still hard at work on that one :)

PokeBankin FreeWorld is a free world for players to explore, catch pokemon, and build to their heart's content! Run by a very active administrator! It's still being worked on feature-wise but our list of planned features includes Safari Zones, tournament arena, and maybe even parkour for fun. You might also be wondering what "Extreme Pixelmon" means. Well, I have the Experience set VERY low. So you will have to really work to level your pokemon!

The website is going to be overhauled still, just need to work on that. However you can find it here:

If you're ready to start your adventure, just make sure you have pixelmon and forge installed!