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By Sw1tch13lade
#131013 Hello, I am Sw1tch13lade and I am one of the administrators from the Emerald Gaming Network.

We have started our very own Pixelmon server and we are in the process of building the Gym Network and Elite Four as well as a few other surprises for players. We are in short supply of talented builders right now because our builder is on vacation. If you have any skills or talent for building pixelmon style cities and gyms. Please leave a post here. I will provide you with information to our server and teamspeak should we be interested.

Some Information about the server:

-Survival Play Style
-16 Gyms
-Parkour Challenges
-Elite Four
-Custom Titles
-Rocket Teams
-Events for Legendaries
-Always up to date with latest version of Pixelmon
-Live Dynmap
-Battletower (Soon)
-Safari Zone (Soon)


Please provide:
1. Username:
2. Age:
3. Can you be on Teamspeak3 with a mic?
4. Some examples of builds you have done?
5. Anything else you would like to add

If you have any questions please leave a post below as well.