By pelagius_septim
#130581 I am going to have to play this! I love team galactic! And this server is just calling my name "Pellllyy.... Take over the wooorrrlllddd" And the server has a very nice echo aswell! Cant wait to play!!!
By LightAdept
#130803 Loving the Teams theme and idea. Kuro certainly has big plans, and hes making them happen as we speak on the server. He's got unique ideas of how to please to community, while at the same time appealing to the loner type trainer. Sure, some things on the server need some work, like the eco and shops, but hes working hard on it so i'm sure it'll be really top notch given a week or so. And the weekly teams tourney to battle for a "Week-long bonus of some sort" sounds amazing, i just hope its not TOOO Overpowered. Still interested in how far this server will go and i'll probably be on it for weeks to come. If you have a favorite "Villain" team or just like having a community, this one is shaping up to be really good! Also, like the main post says, you get a bonus pokemon starter based on your team. They will also have the "perfect nature" for that pokemon and the Speed Boost ability, even if it cant learn it naturally. The pokemon are Meowth = Rocket, Numel = Magma, Carvanha = Aqua, Klink = Plasma, and Yanma = Galactic (think Galactic is a little weird, but there dont have anything better yet). So i hope to see you on soon my Fellow Aqua Brothers and Sisters! As for the rest, Don't bother, i'm gonna be the best, like no one ever was!
By Sh4dowWalker96
#130862 From the moment I explored spawn, I already knew this server would be amazing. From different fully integrated teams, to a fully automatic site shop, this server has everything you could hope for. Each team has a mascot, specially made for the team, and the bases are far enough away that it's a slim chance of finding rival bases. The staff are amazing, and will help you with any problems you may have. All in all, I think the server will be well worth the time of someone looking to play pixelmon.