By Tirco2
#130030 First some info about us:
Pixelmon version 3.1.4
Noppes Custom NPCs 1.7.2

RecklessCrafting is a newly released pixelmon server! We do what we can to be the server that YOU want to play on, so we are open to suggestions that can improve the server! We like to treat our members and donors equally! If you want to help out the server by donating; sure you deserve some fancy stuff, but you don't deserve to get the OP-Bow-900 that one hit kills any player within a 100-block radius!
Currently our community is small, which is the reason why we need you to join us! We want to grow into a medium-sized community with friendly and active members!

Our world is split into two parts. The Adventure continent (Reckra) where you spawn, and the Survival (Wilderness) continent that surrounds it. The player can choose to play only survival, only adventure or both! (However, the adventure part is currently lacking a bit in content. We're working on it!)

OR Just:

- Keepinventory true!
- Grief Prevention! Don't get griefed by anyone! (with a pixelmon fix!)
- Choose your own voting rewards!
- Friendly and mature staff!
- An adventure continent inside of the survival world! With quests and cool stuff! (Work in progress)
- Survival! Mine for diamonds, build a house, live your life!
- No purchasing of legendary or shining pokèmon from the server! If you want some, go find them!
- Everyone is an equal! All of our donor ranks are cosmetic only! They will not give the player any in-game advantage, but they may help him/her look cooler!

Want more info? Check out our Enjin - webpage:

Pictures and possible video coming soon.
By Minechaser
#131006 This server is really fun.
The first few towns for the adventure part offer some support for starting out and there are also some quests that help with that too.
I solved a few quests after i logged in an quickly had enough food and money to buy soem iron tools. It made travelling to the wilderness to start a base more fun.
I really like it and will post a few screenshots later.