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By Magmantis
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Welcome to M.A.C Pixelmon!

Server details:
M.A.C. Pixelmon is a server created by 3 owners, who wanted to create a server which is fun, exciting but also provide a different and interesting experience with the addition of CustomNPCs. Our goal with CustomNPCS is to create an immersive and interesting story for everyone to play but also not forgetting that the main goal is to become the Pokemon Champion!

You will need to also add CustomNPCs into your mods folder:

Unlike some servers, players can earn MAC Tokens by voting and gain some special commands rather than donating. As we know not all players can donate, I think this is a great way for non-donators to enjoy the server more. And each vote could possibly win you Rare Pokemon and Rare Candies also! Top Voters also receive free ranks for each month to encourage players

2 Pokemon Tournaments are held every week where the winner can win awesome prizes such as Rare Pokemon, Items and Shiny's! One of which is a Double Battle Tournament, where you must pair up to fight against other teams!

Other features:

  • 8 Main Gyms.
  • Elite Four.
  • Natural Legendary Spawning is on.
  • PVPArena. (Two modes to choose from Free for all & Team Deathmatch)
  • Quests. (More quests are being planned and implemented)
  • Cloning Machines are on.
  • Staff who are very friendly and helpful.
  • and much more!

So please if you have to make a choice, choose M.A.C. Pixelmon! Let's make a community with others and start a Pixelmon Journey of our own!

Any questions, please comment here or on our website:
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By Kyiv
#129776 This is a Great Server! The Owner (Magmantis) is really kind and is always willing to help you on your adventure.
The staff are also very helpful in getting you to where you need and moderating the players.