By eSparkles
#129461 Welcome to the HeartGold, the number 1 pixelmon servers.

We've a variety of servers in our network @

- Cracked 3.1.4 Survival Pixelmon (Work In Progress)
- Cracked 3.1.4 Creative Pixelmon
- Cracked 3.2.2 Survival Pixelmon (Work In Progress)
- More variety coming soon!

We at HeartGold promises to give you a fun & exciting gametime during your stay. We offer you a lagless, hackfree and mature environment with dedicated helpful staffs during your gameplay. We're also opened to ideas, suggestions that would be able to improve the server.

Cracked 3.1.4 Creative Pixelmon Server

-Factions to protect your builds.
-Instantly level up your pokemons to level 100 as a way to test out your strategies, team builds or skills before getting them in Survival using legit ways.
-Many more features await for you to discover.


Cracked 3.1.4 Survival Pixelmon Server

-Coming Soon

Cracked 3.2.2 Survival Pixelmon Server

-Coming Soon
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By Kyiv
#129463 Minecraft Name: Kyiv_
Age: 15
Timezone/Country: South East Asian Time, Malaysia (Vacay)
Were you a HeartGold player previously?: I think so, maybe in 2013
By BleachFlameHD
#129474 It most defenitly sounds interesting^^

Minecraft Name: BleachFlameHD
Age: 18
Timezone/Country: germany (+1)
Were you a HeartGold player previously?: Idont think so.... ive been on many servers, but this one doesnt ring any bell
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By xhoodedassasinx
#129478 Minecraft Name: xhoodedassasinx
Age: 14
Timezone/Country: EST/U.S.
Were you a HeartGold player previously?: I believe a while back I was on a HeartGold server.
By the way, I have a skype if you need to contact me: Hooded Assassin
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By bobbanana09
#129907 Esparkles,
Please do not multi post. It is against the forum rules. To bump your topic, use the built in bump feature.

Thanks :)