By Eria8

Welcome to PixelmonCore!
In need of gym leaders and quest/story writers!

*Anyone who contributes their own content to the PixelmonCore mod, whether it's a skin, item or armour texture, or code, will get some neat and exclusive bonuses in-game!

Download the Modpack and see other information such as our Wiki and Events at our website.
(Download Pixelmon 3.1 separately)

Main server mods:
Pixelmon, PixelmonCore, CustomNPCs, Bibliocraft,
More Player Models, Project Red, Carpenter Blocks, Twilight Forest

Client mods for aesthetics/convenience:
Better Foliage, CraftGuide, InGameInfo, MapWriter

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Screenshots from my custom mods:
(Only showing about 1/20 of the new content, no exaggeration)
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Major Plugins:
Essentials & GriefPrevention
WorldGuard & WorldEdit
floAuction & ChestShop
CustomEnchantments & EnchantAPI

Major Server Features
Dynamic Storyline-
With CustomNPCS 1.7.2, we bring you a deep story that changes based on your decisions.
Each badge you earn opens up a new part of the story and another decision.
Will you unearth the greatest ancient Pokemon or will you head to the skies in search of Pokemon in the stars?
Will you join Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Rocket or the Pokemon Rangers to get your hands on one of four legendary Pokemon or will you thwart their plans for world domination?
Will you fight against Team Plasma to save the world or will you join them in their effort to literally bring the world to an end?

Aside from the main story, there are also many side-quests for you to do.
*Quests are the only way to obtain some items, such as Rare Candies
and Heart Scales for relearning moves.

Talk to every NPC you see and they might have something you can do.
Quests can range from collecting or delivering items, defeating mobs, winning battles, etc.
And some NPCs only give quests after you've accomplished some other task, so check back on them often!

The only way to obtain some legendary Pokemon is by playing on the server during monthly events.
There are 3 types of events:
1.) Minigame Events
Compete against other players in a multitude of minigames. The player with the highest score wins the legend.
2.)Anime Events
Legendaries will be distributed the same way as they appear in the Pokemon anime series.
For example, a Mewtwo event would consist of a few random players being invited to an island palace (recreated as it appeared in The First Movie) and battling each other, then Mewtwo, for ownership of him.
3.)Game Events
Each legendary has a special location on the server (for example, Kyogre in Rapture, or Rayquaza in Sky Pillar)
and players will be able to battle a copy of the legend. First to find it and defeat it can then capture the real one.

This server is based heavily on making choices to affect your experience of playing here.
Now we're making sure that there's something that everyone enjoys.

You can choose yet another storyline based entirely on how you prefer to play Minecraft.
Each class gives you access to exclusive quests, shops, items, a secret legendary weapon and a legendary bird Pokemon.
You can choose a second class, but only after you finish the story for the first.
You can visit the headquarters for each class in the Capital City shopping district.

1.) Warrior
For those who like to fight, this class gives you access to the PVP arena any time you want, as well as stronger weapons and tougher armour earlier in the game. You get more enchantments and a much larger variety of weapons to choose from, and the story is based on Kingdom Hearts.
You have a rank-up system that gives you access to better equipment the more points you earn in approved fights against other Warriors.
(Non-Warrior players can do PVP, but only during events or if the person they're fighting is a Warrior, and they don't get points for it)

2.) Entrepreneur
For those who like going on quests and fighting bosses, this class focuses on doing jobs for people and gives you access to many interesting new items and dungeons to explorer with a boss at the end. At has the highest number of quests and the story is based on Final Fantasy.

For those who like exploring the world and building, this class focuses on travelling, mining and creating epic buildings. You get more money for selling your ores and you can buy tons of new food items like Blueberries, Pop-Tarts, French Toast, etc. You can also have your creations rated by the admins for money and ?Minerals that can be turned into one of 20+ ores depending on your Appraising level. The story is based on The Legend of Zelda.

Gym Leader:
Requires living in or owning a town and 6 similar-type Pokemon.
Apply here.

Player Towns:
Requires at least 10 buildings and 2 active players living there.
Apply here.


Additional staff is not needed at this time, however all players should moderate themselves and let an admin know through Skype or through Enjin if there's anything we should know or if you have any problems.

No, you may not use my PixelmonCore mod on any other server or in any other modpack, or alter/change it in any way or form.
By LightAdept
#129325 God Damn Eria. I knew you were working alot on your server, but god damn! This sounds amazing! I'm gonna get on and join as soon as possible! To anyone wondering, PixelCore is a rather.....old server that comes and goes in popularity. Because it always has extra mods its never been the most popular (stupid idiots who dont know how to install mods avoid it), But it always seems to draw a crowd anyways. Eria is a great server Admin and makes the time on the server fun and very enjoyable. With all these new features im seeing, This looks like the start of one of the most epic pixelmon servers evar! (imo)